The Growing Impact of Personalized Cancer Care

Personalized medicine in oncology is changing the future of cancer care and BioServe India is taking a personalized approach to diagnosing and managing cancer. As we continue to learn more about the genetic composition of cancer subtypes, we recognize that cancers can be as unique as the individuals whose lives are touched by the disease. Cancers may contain different genes that can reveal to oncologists whether or not the cancer is malignant, if it is likely to be an aggressive cancer, and even whether or not the cancer will respond to particular chemotherapy regimens. >Next-Gen Sequencing

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Founded in Hyderabad in 2002, BioServe India was the first company to provide DNA synthesis, DNA sequencing and related services in India.  BioServe India brings to Indian scientists, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes a 'Biomaterial to Data' model that offers a full suite of molecular services and research tools to accelerate breakthroughs in genetics, drug discovery, biomarker research, and molecular diagnostics.
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BioServe India’s best-in-class staff is focused on providing the future of cancer diagnostics to today’s patients in India and across the globe. With a robust demand for health care services and an increasing economic prosperity, India is emerging as a global leader in biotechnology. We are prepared to meet and service India’s growing biotech and health care industries. BioServe India The company offers several NGS and probe-based methods for cancer genome analysis aimed at identifying and interpreting the genetic cellular changes that drive cancer differentiation and development. >Our Services